Welcome to the Z1 Owners Club of Great Britain

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You have reached the home page of the Kawasaki Z1 Owners Club of Great Britain and the ROI, one of several such clubs throughout the world dedicated to the upkeep, preservation and/or improvement of Big K's iconoclastic Z1 and it's air-cooled progeny.

Many of the Z1OC club members own models that were originally sold in the UK - some grizzled old timers even originally bought them. There are however a fair number of nationalized US imports, mainly as a result of the infamous "Great US Zed Drain" of the early 1990's (although this has now pretty much stopped as the Japanese are trying to get them all back for themselves.) While some own prized show-winning examples, indistinguishable from or better than those first shown to a gobsmacked public in the UK by Agrati at the '72 Earls Court show, others take a more pragmatic approach and will modify, grind, cut off or improve anything that can be modified, ground, cut off or improved; while still retaining that certain mystique that denotes "Zedness".

The mission statement of this club is that these bikes were built to be and should be used.

So whether you're a "rivet counting Zed bore" with all the right part numbers tattooed on the inside of your eyelids (© Clink 1995) or just someone who wants to keep his pile of old junk on the road in the meantime, you're welcome.

Although the Club is much more than just a forum (we participate in shows, have area meets, sell/swap/donate parts etc), the forum is an important part of the Club's activities and you can find it by clicking the link at the top of this page.

The forum is a resource for Zedheads of all shapes and sizes to share technical help and tall tales, to buy, sell and find parts and bikes, and to keep up to date with Zed meetings and other meaningless nonsense. We extend a welcome to all fans of the mighty 'Z' series worldwide. All we ask is that you treat the place with a bit of respect, and treat other users as you'd like to be treated. Assuming you're fairly normal that is.

Thank you.

Z1 Owners Club of Great Britain and Republic of Ireland.

Joining the Z1 Owners Club.

The simplest way to join the club is to first register on the forum and join from there (you can't miss the subtle "Click-Here-to-Join" button once you've logged in!).

If you really don't want to use the forum then you can still join with the manual membership form found here and pay by Paypay or cheque.