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Talk about all your non-Zed or even Kawasaki bikes here.

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Re: Maggot...

#16 PostAuthor: jonathan » Fri Jul 31, 2020 5:12 am

No apologies needed, I fully expect to have the piss taken with a CX. It’s the old thing; I had one when I was at university and loved it, they really are a great bike :happy I got done for speeding on the M4, the policeman said they had chased me for 5 miles and he was going to put it down as 98mph ‘to save my licence’, not bad for a little 500!
Looks like it may be sold based on the enquiry I had on day one of the advert, there’s definitely a niche market out there.
As a BA pilot.....and on the 747.... I think you can see why a few things may have to move on!!

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