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mean While AT TIME WARP motors

Pictures if you've gone for a nice run out and Zed spotting.

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Re: mean While AT TIME WARP motors

#16 PostAuthor: martinz1000r » Sat Jan 06, 2018 2:24 pm

000zeds wrote:Can you repair the water leak or have you not found it yet :!:

It’s been to a “944 specialist” twice now and twice they claim to have sorted it but it still loses coolant. The Porsche main dealer found it in 2 minutes but try getting to it without stripping half the front of the car out. It’s an o ring behind the plastic outlet that leads to the turbo coolant pump. Costs pence but hours to get to! There is quite a list of jobs to do and with the way values for early turbo cars are going it’s now worth biting the bullet and having everything done which will see it right for another 32 years.
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Re: mean While AT TIME WARP motors

#17 PostAuthor: wheelysteve » Sat Jan 06, 2018 4:19 pm

martinz1000r wrote:On the subject of old cars here is mine. An annoying water leak stops me using it as much as I would like but it still brings a smile when you floor the accelerator 67BE4DEF-332E-49CE-8CE5-A18EDCFED553.jpeg

Lovely car that and worth biting the bullet and emptying your wallet to get it right !
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