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Mikuni Jet Needle 4CG15 or set of 5B5-3

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Roger Hill
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Mikuni Jet Needle 4CG15 or set of 5B5-3

#1 PostAuthor: Roger Hill » Tue Jan 07, 2020 11:03 am

Bit of a long shot but any help would be appreciated.
I am restoring/rebuilding a bank of Mikuni 34mm diaphragm CV carbs and one Jet needle has surface pitting .
The jet needle has the code 4CG15 stamped on it.
If anyone has a decent one to sell please let me know.
Or a set of four Jet Needles 5B5-3 as used as standard fit on a Z1100 R1 ELR .
Also any advice on jetting/set up target settings from anyone out there who has fitted a set of these carbs to replace the injection system on a GPZ1100A Unitrack .
I am using an 1100 shaft standard air box, stock GPZ1100 A Unitrack motor with 4 in to 1 exhaust with road legal silencer.
I have started at 140 main jets 4.0 pilots 4CG15 jet needles .
I am not looking for maximum flat out power more a decent spread of power and not fussy to use on the road.
I have also put this question in the Help section.
Roger Hill

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