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Z1000ST Restauration

Work in Progress

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Re: Z1000ST Restauration

#31 PostAuthor: Philippe » Thu Jan 04, 2018 4:35 pm

Hello guys
here I am again.
I mounted the Z1R collector on the Z1000ST. Some of you may consider it as a "Frankenstein"bike but I like it. It's modified with original Kawasaki parts and they're more or less from the same period, so I give it a go.
the Z1R exhaustcollector

When putting the headers on, trying to hold the shells, the copper rings and mounting the exhaust crowns all at the same time, I often wished I had four hands but I don't so I use rubber bands to hold the shells onto the header pipes. After mounting the exhaust crowns they're removed by cutting them. A simple trick but very usefull.
the rubber bands on the shells

The number 2 and 3 headers went on rather easy and everything was bolted together. Now it's just the silencer that has to be ordered, that will be next month, I have to keep the peace in the family!
After two days I managed to get the electricity working. I found out that the oil pressure switch and the neutral switch needed replacement and allso that the wiring of the right handlebar switchblock wasn't working. I replaced the interior of the switchblock and then things went the right way. It took me two days of searching to sort it all out. The major breakthrough came when I realised I was using a US main loom and European switches and other electric components. S**t Happens...
the idiot lights work

Anyway things were going great and I continued the "good work".
The tail cover, the side covers, the fuel tank and the Z1R fairing were mounted on the bike.
the left side panel

the tail cover

This afternoon the BT45 Battleax tires were delivered and mounted on the alloy wheels.
The disc rotors were mounted and the wheels placed under the bike.
It starts to look like a bike instead of a jigsaw puzzle. A few more details need attention but I'm ahead of schedule.
left side view

left front view

Original Kawasaki mirrors are ordered, I still need a windsreen, a Z1R muffler and an ST saddlepan.
They'll come within a few weeks and then the bike will be finished.
See you later guys.
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Re: Z1000ST Restauration

#32 PostAuthor: garyd » Thu Jan 04, 2018 5:21 pm

Must admit to liking the black & grey of the ST.

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