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Z900. 124,000 miles old.

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Re: Z900. 124,000 miles old.

#16 PostAuthor: snowyz9 » Sat Feb 02, 2019 8:58 am

Cool pics , smiling faces is what its still about , great memories you have , all linked to your zed and friends . Great Bike , Nigel Larking this reminds me of you , and you still have yours from new

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Re: Z900. 124,000 miles old.

#17 PostAuthor: Tony(hank)harper » Sun Feb 03, 2019 8:16 pm

As requested a bit more history
the Rack in the pics is the original and had fittings brazed to it for the hard panniers. This meant that two up with camping gear, food and waterproofs were no problem. An essential mod from day 1 was the steering damper. I was in the Salop 74 club and some of us preferred to do the Elefantreffen at the Nurburgring in February rather than the Dragon which was just up the road. the other favourite was the Sinterklaastreffen (did 6 on the Z) in December.
From 77 to 82 we did 60ish rallies here and abroad. During that period we visited biker friends in Stuttgart and toured with them on several occasions. As well we did several tours of Holland, Germany Switzerland and France as main destinations. Toured around Scotland and S.ireland as well as keeping in touch with biker mates at home. For a while I ran with a twin headlight fairing with dropped bars. I stripped and rebuilt the engine top end thinking it needed a decoke at 40K but shouldn't have bothered
From 82 to 90 circumstances changed and the z got a bit of a tidy up and a few mods like air assistance on the forks, JMC swingarm and forkbrace. I did quite a lot of engine work during this time but kept things standard so was pretty tame when I took it up the strip at Santa Pod.
Mileage tripped 100k in 86 and was 117k in 1990 when shoved in the back of the shed until 1998. Pottered around till late 2000 then went to a mates garage until 2016.
Not used much nowadays because i have too many other bikes on the road.
Here are a few pics.




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