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Japanese Classic Bikes

Keeping Members up-to-date with meetings and events

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Japanese Classic Bikes

#1 PostAuthor: Philippe » Sat Apr 13, 2019 3:27 am

Hi guys
on May 1 there's a meeting in Belgium at Enghien (Edingen) .
It's organised by "Retrotuning" and it's a yearly event. Retrotuning is a company founded by Jean de Kerangal (the Belgian Champion in 1976), a Frenchman who lives in Belgium.
It used to be a very big event with lots of old Japanese bikes. It started in 2010 and was held in Ronquières for 4 years. In 2015 the location changed and after a few years with very bad weather the location changed again to a big building near Brussels.
This year it's held in a small town, Enghien at the border of Eastern Flanders and Hainaut, just at the exit number 26 of the E429 (A8).
If the weather is fine I'll be there! It's only a 30 minutes ride from where I live.
I'll take some pictures and post them. I hope to see a few of you over there, who knows...
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